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Book: 'Orkest van de wereld. 100 jaar Harmonie Vooruit Harelbeke in 100 objecten'

(English: 'Orchestra of the World. 100 Years of Symphonic Wind Band Vooruit in 100 Objects')

In 2022, we celebrate our 100th birthday! A quite special number which we celebrate accordingly.

In 'Orkest van de wereld. 100 jaar Harmonie Vooruit Harelbeke in 100 objecten', historians Leendert Acke and Elwin Hofman tell the story of a wind band that grew from a propaganda machine of the local Harelbeek socialist movement to an orchestra with musical ambitions on a world scale.

Vooruit's history provides a glimpse into the evolution of brass bands throughout the country over the past century.

Using one hundred objects - instruments, photos, scores, stickers, newspaper clippings and much more - the history of the wind band comes to life. 'Orkest van de wereld’ is a book about music and politics, about friendships and conflicts and about triumphs and setbacks.

The book is available in Dutch, at the price of €39.

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In April 2019, our orchestra published a brand-new DVD! Its recording took place in October 2018, led by Jelle Tassyns. We baptized the recording Fingerprints:

A fingerprint is unique. The labyrinth of lines draws the uniqueness of a person in a miraculous way. In this way a fingerprint reveals someone's identity. And this is exactly what Royal Symphonic Wind Band Vooruit wants to achieve through this recording: showing its identity, versality & orchestral agility in performing contemporary music, symphonic literature, glorious film music or working with leading soloists. Vooruit and its conductor just have it in their fingers. Enjoy watching & listening to this DVD recording..

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