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Thanks to Vooruit's growing (inter)national visibility, you and your company can join in the diverse communication network that links the orchestra with you, your company and our various audiences. Next to a positive understanding between us and you, this also brings along new, interesting connections and possibilities for both sides - a win-win situation.

You, too, can contribute to the development of our orchestra! Individual supporters (VIPs) receive exclusive concert advantages; companies (partners) will enjoy extra visibility or can book an exclusive concert, in line with your wishes.

Discover our VIP offering, and our partner sponsoring formulas!

Vooruit VIPs

N. Bekaert | I. Bossuyt | E. Coopman & C. Opbrouck | C. Verhulst & V. Coopman | J. Declerck | S. Decraene | DS | A. Lootens-Roets | W. Maes | R. Pattyn | J.-P. & H. Pattyn-Parmentier | M. Tack | M. Top | H. Vanassche | Familie Van Enis | G. Vandamme | T. Vandamme | P. Van Den Hende | S. Van Eygen & I. Vandensande | N. Verhelst | C. Verhulst | J. Verhulst | R. Coryn | D. Windels | Demeyere – Dejans | Porte-Clarysse | R. Simoens | A. Top | C. Rogiers

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