Structural organization

The Royal Symphonic Wind Band Vooruit consists of two main executive boards: a daily and a general one.

Daily board

The daily board forms the center of the organization and is responsible for the daily direction. It can meet ad hoc, prepares the general meetings and takes urgent decisions when necessary.

  • President: Glenn D’Haene
  • Treasurer: Geert De Cocker
  • Chief-conductor: Erik Desimpelaere
  • Judicial advisor: Michaël Boudry

General board

The general board is responsible for the practical functioning of the organization of Vooruit's different aspects, as well as their functioning on a long-term basis.

The general board consists of the daily board, to which are added: one representative per team, the general president and honorary president. This board gets together on a monthly basis during the general meeting.

  • General president: Alain Top
  • Honorary president: Philippe De Coene
  • Secretary: Glenn D’Haene & Wim Godderis
  • Treasurer: Geert De Cocker
  • Artistic team: representative Erik Desimpelaere
  • Team young Vooruit
  • Logistic team
  • Team press & media
  • Team Vooruit on Tour

All documentation, such as contact details and meeting notes, is centrally managed on a secured online platform. This platform also functions as external contact point, via the e-mail address (or alias